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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steel Tops for your Industrial Table Making Project. Wood too!

For several years we've sold vintage industrial machinery bases for table making projects; now we can supply tabletops too.  Initially we're offering steel and wood in two standard sizes and 5 standard colors, as well as custom sizes/colors to suit. 

(We'd like to offer glass but shipping large flat glass is soooooooo costly
that for the time being you're advised to find glass tops in your local market.)

Standard sizes: A meaty 1-3/4" thick x 30" x 30" or 16" x 60"

Select steel or hardwood. 
Wood tops are available in one of 5 colors (below)
These sizes are great for end tables, sofa tables or side tables.  Custom sizes/finishes also available.

Steel tops have an oak core that mounts to your base.  The steel is polished and waxed with ordinary auto wax to prevent rusting.  (Annual rewaxing is needed  to keep the rust away

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