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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wagenhorst Photogenic Twin Arc Lamp Rheostat 1920s Dimmer

Dim and Dimmer

Out of Ohio history comes an item designed for industrial applications, that sixty years later would become common in homes.

The Photogenic Company in Youngstown (today headquartered in Bartlett, Illinois) makes lighting for the photography and printing industries.  In the early 1900s one of its biggest sellers was an arc lamp called the Wagenhorst High Power Twin Arc Lamp. The Wagenhorst was equipped with a rheostat control to set light intensities from 10 to 50,000 candle power, and from a soft North light to a small brilliant sunshine effect.

The Photogenic company was founded in 1903 by James H. Wagenhorst.  In 1922 it incorporated as the Photogenic Machine Company with John P. Young as president and treasurer, E. G. Perkins as general manager and G. W. Perkins as secretary.  

The original Wagenhorst company patented a variety of products and components for automobile tires, guns, printing, photography and refrigeration compression equipment. 

See an advertisement for the Wagenhorst lamp and the patent for the rheostat.


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